The New "What is a Lotto Pool" Team Site is Live!

Just a short note for today to let all know that the lotto pool related site I put together is "live". I actually started to upload the main files over the last 3 days but finally made it back to Blogger to post about it. Of course if you're already familiar with the 4 lotteries that are sponsored by the team you're set. If not then here are some of the site banners I created so you can check them out... The Florida Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions and Mega Money.

Florida Lottery
Florida Lottery

Powerball Lottery
Powerball Lottery

Mega Millions
Mega Millions Lottery

Mega Money
Mega Money Lottery

I hope your weekend was great, me... time for a hot shower, slip into the skivies, jump into a nice soft bed with the wife and..... Whoa, sorry, I'm sure that was far too much information. See ya later, Bob


Unknown said...

I highy reccomend to join lottery pools! They helped me make it easier than ever although i have tried so many times before!

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