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On our specific Lotto Magic team we do online advertising and marketing, free to everyone on the team, you can read more about that (plus our SEO projects and results) at the Lotto Magic free advertising page.

Lotto Magic Online Marketing

While the above page covers some of what we do online you can get "the big picture" at our core team site which has links to everything else we do online for those on our Lott Magic team. You should never have to struggle with and go it alone in your home business, especially if you are in a team that works for your success through free targeted traffic. We're here for you, it's what we know how to do.

Just as important (and often overlooked these days) is that we also do offline team marketing. Offline display and classified ads are the type placed in magazines, tabloid and newspapers. For the most part we use camera ready black & white display ads.

Color versions can be used however there are less publication options for these plus the overall cost sky rockets. So, black and white is the preferred standard and it's what is used for the team since we can get more bang for the buck and and increased total circulation. These are the Lotto Magic ads being used for the team's 2013 advertising blitz.
Like everything else we do on the team this does NOT cost the members anything and each receives their share of targeted visitors that we generate. You can click the image below to easily view the ads individually in our team Facebook album.

Team Lotto Magic marketing and advertising for 2013
Florida Lotto Magic marketing ads used by the Lotto Magic Team

Lotto Magic Banner ads update! Check your most recent team update email for information about the new company email follow-up and auto rotator system, new lead capture pages and the new Lotto Magic company banners that are available to you.

Click any of the banners to visit our most recent team video's!

Leverage the Lottery (medium):
The new Lotto Magic Banner Ad - Size 180x150
Lotto Magic Banner - 180x150

Cash for Losing:
The new Lotto Magic Banner Ad - Size 234x60
Lotto Magic Banner - 234x60

Leverage the Lottery (large):
The new Lotto Magic Banner Ad - Size 336x280
Lotto Magic Banner - 336x280

 League of Gamblers:
Join League of Gamblers
 Lotto Magic Banner - 250x250
P.S. Be sure to check your email for the most recent team update on your "team related" free personalized Lotto Magic marketing materials too!

Wishing you the best in all that you do online for fun or for business!


With the addition of our Sister site EPX Body Team, here's some information on the team building system we have set up for our EPX Body team members.

The EPX Body downline bulder is similar to the Lotto Magic team builder. Our job is to drive traffic and visitors to the EPX Body team website, and when they join... they join you and your team members. Here's a visual on our free team traffic generation system which of course is 100% free to you and all those on your team.

 As far as the free team URL rotator, it's designed specifically to route all visitors to the EPX Body team site to YOUR EPX Body One80 website "or" route the visitors to the main EPX Body company site.

We look forward to welcoming you to the EPX Body Team soon!


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