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As a team we've joined many programs over the years, some were fun and earned money, others were a big bust where I spent far too much on advertising and ended up getting nowhere (financially).

I recently joined a program that revolves around crypto-currency like bitcoin, and so far it's been very easy to spread the word because it's 100% FREE to join which anyone can do without opening their wallet.

Anyways, so I joined and to date I've done very little marketing and people are joining and I'm earning bitcoin so I thought I best make a post in case you also want to get in early with the team launch and also earn some bitcoin at the same time!

If you're just interested in "buying" and holding onto bitcoin then that's easy enough too and you can get your bitcoin here.

Have a great day and we wish you the very best!

Whit, Bob, Steve, Jacob, Mari and crew!


Attrition and drop-outs - stop the insanity.

Any online business is a challenge. The advertising, marketing, web sites, traffic generation, hours invested and the money spent. At the end of the day for thousands of us it's worth it in either personal satisfaction or income earned. If you're a network marketer (MLM) then your "business" IS your team, and your team is your income. Building a team in the short term isn't the challenge, that just takes time and money. The real challenge is maintaining consistent team growth and strength for many (many) years into the future.

The reality is that if you know what you should be doing strategically today combined with a vision of where you want to be years into the future... then that's half the battle. With down line team depth it honestly won't matter if someone drops out on the 15th level to be replaced by two other people on levels 16 and 17... If you're only earning on the first five levels then your monthly income will remain and/or grow and your success is locked in, that's how it works.

Many people in MLM focus solely on the "recruiting" end of MLM. You know, bring em' in the front to make up for those leaving out the back. Not a bad thing, people will always drop out and we all must recruit, however if you're sponsoring 100 people into your program this week, but losing 90 of those people by the same time next week then the time, money and effort you've put into building your business has actually resulted in a net "10" people joining you in the end, and this no matter how you slice it.

What I've learned in the 8 years we've been building our team is that if you can reduce your attrition rate (drop-outs) even by half, then you've effectively "gained" a 50% boost to your team building, yea that's huge. Instead of 10 people net in your team after a week, you have 50 people (50% of your original 100 people) a big difference in MLM. More importantly is that now these "50" people (instead of 10) can spread the word about your opportunity far and wide (while you're sleeping? Sure).

If MLM is about "multiplying YOUR efforts, then what do you want... 50 of your clones out there marketing this week or just 10? So how do you do reduce attrition? By understanding WHY people drop out and then NOT doing that on your team, simple.

My future posts will include more about MLM, network marketing and especially affiliate marketing.
Please visit again soon for more...


Whitney Jacqueline
Team Leader
Lotto Magic Team & Lotto Magic Network

Some of My Favorite Websites:

Payza: Similar to PayPal, send and receive money and make online purchases fast and easy. They are much more "flexible" then PayPal, give them a shot.
IBO Toolbox: A social media website of Independent Business Owners (IBO). Learn from them or contribute your own home business experiences.
Coinbase: Buy bitcoins, ethereum and hold them as a long term investment or use them online and elsewhere to make purchases.
Big Library: A great place that lists hundreds of "free traffic" resource links, freebies and free stuff, plus free flash games too.
Bitcoin MLM Prelaunch: Instead of earning dollars, euro's or yen... earn bitcoins. This is the pre-launch of a new yet powerful group of online marketers.
Free Flash Games: A nice place to play free online flash games and relax a little. They have over 30,000 different games to play, good fun.
Bitcoin Info Video: A great video about the increase in bitcoin value and the potential future growth and use of the coin and potential future value.
Free Coffee Site: Free coffee samples, plus hundreds of links to free stuff and freebies. ALso a free traffic area to help you generate free traffic to your website or blog.
CB Pro Ads: Grab your own digital Click Bank store and earn from e-books. Once signed up you have many already "pre-made" stores for you to use in your marketing.

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Leased Ad Space - Advertising and earnings in one great program!

An important Leased Ad Space update... 

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Whitney Jacqueline
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