The Lotto Magic Newspaper - Grab yours free too!

I've been asked about the Lotto Magic newspaper which has only been out for a few issues now and I'll cover more about it below but first-a-roonie I have a very (very) important team announcement...

Sending out a BIG welcome to our newest Lotto Magic Mega Captain Michael Guerrero. Be sure to click his name and visit him at his Lotto Magic web site for the inside scoop on his team lotto pools or learn about the Lotto Magic home business while there!

As far as the paper it's actually a free service where the company "compiles" your chosen information sources from across the Internet whether blogs, YouTube, RSS or other places (you decide). Then they format it into a standard "newspaper" feel for easy viewing online while using your chosen template, font, style etc.

Here's the "mini me" version screenshot for some visual.

The Lotto Magic Newspaper - Make YOUR Newspaper Free at
Finally they publish it (daily, weekly, monthly) for you automatically and also let your subscribers know when your newest issue is "live". There's a free version an also the Pro version (no ads/$9 a month) so you can take it for a test drive and then decide if you want to go Pro. There's no "trial" period and you can stay with a free account forever if you like - nice. There's also no affiliate program associated with it so we don't earn anything when you join free or go Pro.

You can design your online newspaper around family events, news as related to your city or of course about your business. It's fun and it's free so click the image above to go to our paper [to subscribe, shuh] and receive future weekly issues of the Lotto Magic Team News, or click above and get started on your very own paper!

Note: If you were looking for the latest Florida Lotto Magic "newsletters", these can be found easily in our team archive documents stored and located at Lotto Magic's Doc Stoc.

Enjoy, best of business to you, and more cool stuff soon.



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