What is Lotto Magic?

I received an email asking me "what is Lotto Magic" so I wrote him back, explained the program then sent a link to the team site and also the newer team member information update site. All the information is at those two sites (and many other places) but the down and dirty is this... Florida Lotto Magic is a company that manages a lottery pool for the Florida and Powerball lotteries. It's similar to what people are doing now at their offices which is putting their money together then buying more lottery tickets to increase their team chances of winning.

Click above to learn more, no really it's OK.

The Lotto Magic company in Florida (the main company) has been in operation since 1996. Whitney as I understand joined the team in 2005 and I joined her a couple years ago in early 2011. Back on track here. Besides the lotto pool component there's also an income part of the program which is optional for those that want to increase their number of tickets in the pool through their team and want the opportunity to earn a monthly commission.

If you want to just play in a lotto pool in either the Florida or Powerball lottery pools you can join as a "Team Player" (Florida Lottery Only) or as a "Power Player" (both the Florida and Powerball lotteries). If you want to be involved in the optional network marketing/MLM/Home Income part of the program, then you can upgrade at any time to either a "Team Captain" (Florida Lottery Pool only), or to a "Power Captain" (again it's for both lotteries). You can also just jump right in as a Captain, it's up to you.

Whether you join as a Player or Captain really depends on what your lottery goals are... Play in a lottery pool (Player) or play in a lottery pool and earn for sharing the program with others (Captain). Either way you increase your chances of winning either or both lotteries so both are a good choice. I will say (you knew this was coming) that as Captain and because of my monthly commissions my membership in Lotto Magic for free since my monthly earnings cover my membership. The remaining commissions are my monthly profit or income for sharing it with others.

Later on I might cover the commission structure though it's also at the Lotto Magic site so I'm not so sure I want to clog this blog with that info.

An update on the Lotto Magic Video posting sites mentioned earlier... Whit said she's having the list of video posting sites added to a new video page in the works at the Florida Lotto Magic updates site (graphic above), just not sure when it'll pop there so visit there on occasion to see if it's ready or I'll post another update here as soon as I get the word.


Unknown said...

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Adauchi said...

Thanks Anjella, a really nice site. Looks like it could help many of the MLMr's out there too. Also great to see that it's free for the first year - free is always good!

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