Florida Lottery Random Number Picker

I received an email asking how the Florida random lottery number picking widget works so here's a brief explanation from what I know (I didn't create it). The part you see below is just the actual interface that you can place on your web site if you like. Behind the scenes of the lotto widget there's mathematical formula based on the number of available number picks for the Florida Lottery and the range of numbers that can possibly be chosen. So there are 6 total numbers per drawing and each number picked is between 1 and 53 for the Florida lottery. Each number decision eventually chosen for display on the interface (below) is run thorough the same mathematical formula (six times) but is displayed individually as each lotto number is generated randomly.

It actually happens "faster" then what you see on the interface, however as I understand from the guy that did the coding for the team it's slowed down internally for the effect but this doesn't change the fact that each and every number lottery number is generated randomly. The number widget below has the default "white" background, so it looks much better on a white background web site. You can view it on a white background at the team update site (bottom left on page) if you like.

Don't like the numbers it chooses... just click "Pick Numbers" again!

The random number widget above is the actual coded version. If you just want the screenshot to pass to others on your team or if you just want to use it as an example of what we're doing on the team to generate free viral team traffic then here's the lotto picker widget image for your use:

Other stuff: I just saw something interesting yet funny (a brain test) that Whitney posted to twitter yesterday, I'll pull the image and post back here for your entertainment in a little while so be sure to look for it!



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