Make a Lotto Magic PDF for your team, get free exposure!

We work hard at SEO for you and your team. One of the ways we do this is through the team DocStoc account. If you're in Lotto Magic and on our team we're here for you. Let us do some cool stuff for you - free.

What do you need to do? It's actually very simple and here's the deal. Make a PDF related to Lotto Magic and be sure to include the URL to your main Lotto Magic site, your free Team Free Lotto Magic site or you can do what new Team Leader Todd did (great job Todd) and link your PDF directly to your web site, then email it to us. We'll upload it to our server, upload it to the team DocStoc account and finally we'll also get it some great visibility like what you see here or at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you get the picture. :-)

You can use the Adobe program if you have it or you can design your own Lotto Magic "creative piece" via Microsoft Word then "save as a PDF". No fear, if your current MS program doesn't have the PDF add-on, you can grab it from the Microsoft web site free.
Lotto Magic Exclusive Lotto Pool Membership Pool

I embedded Todds flyer above for easy viewing, but you can expand it on this post or you can check it out live at DocStoc.

Yea, it's time to get busy spreading the word about this amazing company that has been in business since 1996. No fast cash, fly by night, gone tomorrow operation with Lotto Magic... so get me your PDF goods and we will get YOU the exposure you deserve!

Already in Lotto Magic and looking to build your team, build it with us today and finally experience what teamwork is really about... and that's YOU.

Have a nice night there all.


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