A new FREE to join program that helps you earn BITCOIN!

As a team we've joined many programs over the years, some were fun and earned money, others were a big bust where I spent far too much on advertising and ended up getting nowhere (financially).

I recently joined a program that revolves around crypto-currency like bitcoin, and so far it's been very easy to spread the word because it's 100% FREE to join which anyone can do without opening their wallet.

Anyways, so I joined and to date I've done very little marketing and people are joining and I'm earning bitcoin so I thought I best make a post in case you also want to get in early with the team launch and also earn some bitcoin at the same time!

If you're just interested in "buying" and holding onto bitcoin then that's easy enough too and you can get your bitcoin here.

Have a great day and we wish you the very best!

Whit, Bob, Steve, Jacob, Mari and crew!