Are YOU (your brain) Smart Enough to Decode This Sentence Easily? Some Funny Entertainment!

OK, I mentioned in an earlier post that I saw this on the team twitter page, so here you go....

Start to read the below words from the top to bottom and what you should notice (if you're smart) is that your brain will automatically decode the mixed letters and numbers "automatically" so by the time you near the end of the sentence reading it should be very easy. Here's proof of the true power of your brain "and" the ability for it to remember the automatic decoding process... reading it for a second (or third) time and you might notice that it fells very well - natural.

Oh yea, if you cannot read it and have a very confused look on your face and are struggling with it, errrrr, that's OK, don't be tough on yourself just go hang out at Facebook for the rest of the day... Yea, that would be the really SMART thing to do at that point. :-)  Bob-a-roonie


Florida Lottery Random Number Picker

I received an email asking how the Florida random lottery number picking widget works so here's a brief explanation from what I know (I didn't create it). The part you see below is just the actual interface that you can place on your web site if you like. Behind the scenes of the lotto widget there's mathematical formula based on the number of available number picks for the Florida Lottery and the range of numbers that can possibly be chosen. So there are 6 total numbers per drawing and each number picked is between 1 and 53 for the Florida lottery. Each number decision eventually chosen for display on the interface (below) is run thorough the same mathematical formula (six times) but is displayed individually as each lotto number is generated randomly.

It actually happens "faster" then what you see on the interface, however as I understand from the guy that did the coding for the team it's slowed down internally for the effect but this doesn't change the fact that each and every number lottery number is generated randomly. The number widget below has the default "white" background, so it looks much better on a white background web site. You can view it on a white background at the team update site (bottom left on page) if you like.

Don't like the numbers it chooses... just click "Pick Numbers" again!

The random number widget above is the actual coded version. If you just want the screenshot to pass to others on your team or if you just want to use it as an example of what we're doing on the team to generate free viral team traffic then here's the lotto picker widget image for your use:

Other stuff: I just saw something interesting yet funny (a brain test) that Whitney posted to twitter yesterday, I'll pull the image and post back here for your entertainment in a little while so be sure to look for it!



Lotto Magic Team Building and URL Rotator

I've been asked "How doe's the Lotto Magic Team down line building system actually work?"

I've explained to others that visitors are generated in numerous ways through offline and online marketing. These visitors then go to the various team related sites and from there the visitors are sent through the "free team URL rotator". From the team URL rotator they're sent to a team member (your) Lotto Magic website.

Sure, it sounds simply enough however as a graphics guy I relate better to images so I took everything about the already proven team building system and I created a  graphical view of how the visitors are generated, where they're sent and I show how they end up being "funneled" to YOUR Lotto Magic site.

Click the image to super-size it for easier viewing.

Team marketing project update: The new LottoMagic101.net team site is finished! It's scheduled to go live this weekend, so visit the site early next week to see what's there. A final launch announcement will take place in the next couple of days as soon as the site is live and available to the masses.


Lotto Magic New Mega Captains!

Hi all, today I have a couple of very important announcements!

Before I say anything else I'd like to send out a warm welcome to the team's 2 newest team Mega Captains Bernard Forde &  Darrell Anderson, you can visit their Lotto Magic sites below. The Lotto Magic Mega Captain pays $240 per month for their lotto pool membership then a Mega Captain participates in all four (4) available lotto ticket pools. The pools are for the Florida, Powerball, Mega Millions and the Mega Money lotteries. They also earn 50% ($120) per month on all other personally sponsored Mega Captains on their team, plus 50% ($60) on Power Captains and 50% ($25) on Team Captains.

So 2 personally sponsored Mega's in their team and they are "break-even" and in Lotto Magic for FREE which means they are playing in 4 lotteries in every drawing during the month and paying nothing for it - powerful stuff. Anything after 2 Mega's of course is pure monthly commission gravy for them. Gravy is always good and it keeps the economy rolling along.

Visit the team's 2 newest Lotto Magic Mega Captains:

So whether you're a Mega, Power or Team Captain... get out there and spread the word far and wide. People already know about the lottery, your job is to let them know that through Lotto Magic they'll never miss a lottery drawing, they'll share in team lottery ticket winnings and when they tell others about it they have the opportunity to earn a nice monthly income too.

Wow, huh. What the heck just happened there. I went from welcome to the team right into Lotto Magic commissions and the whole join Lotto Magic or your arms are going to fall off thing - apologies. This is a team marketing blog so back to team building & team marketing business!

An update on the company site: The main company website has an upgraded look with the new blue header (below) and addition of the Mega Captain information on the index page. If you're just visiting here then you take a look at it via our special team URL rotator or you can click the new company header below and go!

Check out the Lotto Magic Onine Header - New!
The new Lotto Magic Online index page header

Update on new traffic generating site LottoMagic101.net All graphics complete, content 90%, currently adding code for light box video pops, URL previews and more. Do a search on "What is a Lotto Pool" to see how we're doing so far for you! Stay tuned for more...

Wishing you a great weekend!


Lotto Pool - Team Site Update

A minor (but good) change in plans. Because of the questions I've received in the past about the Lotto Magic back office, I decided to cover this in more detail so you'll have a better idea what's located there. I removed a page that talked about the free team stuff (web site, marketing, visitors etc.) that new members receive since it's already covered at the team site and elsewhere online.

I replaced that information with a section dedicated to back office screenshots and explanations about those areas. No, not ready yet. It's like a fine wine (or damned good beer), it takes time to get it right so for now here's at least a little peek behind he Lotto Magic curtain. Click the image to super-size it (that one typo is already fixed by the way).

Lotto Magic 101 Dot Net - Sneak peek.
All the best in your online business ventures, visit again soon for more Lotto Magic marketing news!


Lotto Magic Office Pool Win

I was working on the Lotto Magic 101 team site but had to take a break! Here's something that's pure entertainment that has to do with member's of an office pool (lottery ticket pool) that won and then went to their bosses office to let them know whether or not they were going to still, errrrr, work there...

The Day We Won the BIG Office Lotto Pool!

For the recent Lotto Magic Winners, maybe not enough to quit their day jobs, but I'm sure it was plenty enough to make it worth joining a lotto pool!


Update: Lotto Magic 101 "Lotto Pool" related site.

For those that have asked about the new Lotto Magic 101 site being created for the team which is designed to "capture" (if you will) people involved in or interested in "lotto pools", here's an update on what's happening. You might already know I'm a graphics designer by profession and a Lotto Magic team member by choice (I know, I know I'm already using that at the new site). I've been experimenting with the graphics for the site and also screenshots of the Lotto Magic back office. Here are some samples of my work with explanations.

 The first image is just a self portrait, nothing too special, just a very "attractive" (in his own mind of course) dude and his tools.

Lotto Magic Bob

Here's where I get to have some fun! You know how you've see testimonials at many of the sites out there?

Yea, well we won't have any of that on the Lotto Magic 101 site. I will have an area of the site called "Team Member's" where fictitious graphical team member's do NOT talk about how they L-O-V-E the company, earn a good income, receive free tickets, win lotteries blah, blah, blah but instead talk about WHY they joined Lotto Magic... their previous company closed their doors and disappeared, didn't make money at other MLM, wanted a new home business, too many drop-outs in their team, company was a pyramid, it was a scam, they like playing the lottery free or whatever.

The images of members are not real but I can tell you the reasons that they joined are real, I've heard from them so this area will be true to form. The member's created I hope are funny, but the reasons for joining are serious.OK enough jibber-jabber here are 3 samples of the 8 member's I've created to date.

The Doctor Lotto Magic Member

The Engineer Lotto Magic Member

The Housewife Lotto Magic Member
All images copyright Bob Adauchi
For professional graphics work visit: Graphic Bob

This team site will be informative yet fun but you'll have to wait until the site is live to see what these member's have to say about their past experiences with a home business and why they joined us eh?

OK, new subject. I made screen shots of everything in the Lotto Magic back office. I'll try and do another update on this part of the site once I assemble the content. For now all I have is the screen shots and an idea of what I want to cover for the visitors.

Here's some shots of the back office then I gotta get for tonight! Bob

Lotto Magic Back Office Tools & Downloads

Lotto Magic Free Training Materials

Lotto Magic Online Marketing Area

Your Lotto Magic Account Info


Lotto Magic Dedicated Team Video Site

You already know that the three dozen or so (more to follow) team video's are already hosted on YouTube, Meta Cafe and Daily Motion. Well I'm not sure "too much" marketing can be bad, so I had a Lotto Magic video site designed as a stand-alone web site. Probably not needed considering all the other video hosting we have going on for the team. However for branding and traffic generation purposes a little extra branding gravy on top of you extra marketing cheese won't hurt anything.

Here are a couple screenshots. Click on the images to see the animated "video wall" in action!

These is the Team Lotto Magic online video collection
This is the top part of the video's page

And this is the lower area of the site where the video wall is located
I'm off to do some SEO work on "Lotto Magic 101 Dot Net".

See ya later!   Bob