YouTube Lotto Magic Video's are now linked!

Wow, that was VERY exciting team happenings today. I just linked all 38 (as of now) Florida Lotto Magic team video's there at YouTube to either the Lotto Magic Team Online site, the Florida Lotto Magic update and news site "or" are you ready for this? To the URL rotator at Team Free Lotto Magic (TFLM). The URL rotator is located within a file called "learn-more.php" on the server, that link is now on all TFLM video's. So people can now check out the video's on YouTube, click the associated link, go through the URL rotator and be sent to YOUR Lotto Magic main web site. To test it out view a TFLM video at YouTube and look below the video for a link - click on that link. BAM, you're at a team member's site. Here's the video you should see there at YouTube:

That's all for now. For more make sure you visit: Lotto Magic on Facebook and Lotto Magic on Twitter!

Have a nice night there. Spend some time with your family, tell your wife you love her and play with the kids a little. Can't be all work and no play, we only get one shot at life so make it count!



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