New Lotto Magic Newspaper Display Ads!

The new Lotto Magic advertising display ads for the 2013 cycle are complete. These are for use strictly for offline marketing (not online) so of course they're black & white. They're expected to be in circulation the first week of May in many popular mail order, MLM and home business type newspapers, ad sheets and tabloids. Here's are a few final advertising samples:

Three inch newspaper type advertisement
3 column inch Lotto Magic display ad

Two inch Newspaper type of black & white display ad
2 column inch Lotto Magic display ad

One inch magazine display ad reverse text type
1 column inch Lotto Magic display ad

OK, that's a quick blast for today. Currently working on the voice over for the NEW Team Free Lotto Magic (TFLM) video's which will be used on the free member mini-marketing sites. You can view this major team building project at: Team Free Lotto Magic just understand that it is NOT in it's final stage. As I understand from Whitney there are 6 additional templates in the works for use by the Lotto Magic members there, privacy statement to add, "get a free page like this" intro page and then the vids I'm working on.

Thanks to Steve (you da man) for his input on the new URL rotator for TFLM, it works fine!



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