Lotto Magic Team Building and URL Rotator

I've been asked "How doe's the Lotto Magic Team down line building system actually work?"

I've explained to others that visitors are generated in numerous ways through offline and online marketing. These visitors then go to the various team related sites and from there the visitors are sent through the "free team URL rotator". From the team URL rotator they're sent to a team member (your) Lotto Magic website.

Sure, it sounds simply enough however as a graphics guy I relate better to images so I took everything about the already proven team building system and I created a  graphical view of how the visitors are generated, where they're sent and I show how they end up being "funneled" to YOUR Lotto Magic site.

Click the image to super-size it for easier viewing.

Team marketing project update: The new team site is finished! It's scheduled to go live this weekend, so visit the site early next week to see what's there. A final launch announcement will take place in the next couple of days as soon as the site is live and available to the masses.



Anonymous said...

Hello dzeyznfiverr,
I'm a 4 year Power Captain with Lotto Magic and would like to know if you'll accept an existing member into your auto-rotator program? I am currently involved in a new opportunity which collects $100.00 / month from members to generate members for a new business that has the potential to go viral. Interested in PA.
Please reply to
Thank you

Adauchi said...

Update: This particular team traffic generating site has been live for a little while now:

Do a Google search for "what is a lotto pool" or "lotto pool" etc. Yea, that's YOUR lotto traffic!

Adauchi said...

Hi Andrew, the free marketing platform we created in 2005 (and updated many times since) is really designed for those on our specific Lotto Magic team, sorry...

However you can still get put into the targeted visitor URL rotator for free, more information about that is here:

Anyone want to see the team URL rotator in action? It's easy, go here:

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