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Been working on some video editing while getting help with the video posting I mentioned in an earlier post about Lotto Magic marketing and team projects. I received an update yesterday that the postings to the 17 or so other video hosting sites is starting to take place with Metcafe as the first in line. You can check them out here:

Lotto Magic on Metcafe

I emailed Whitney and asked that she mention the Lotto Magic juggler so hopefully she will either tonight or sometime this weekend. He juggles from atop a 9 foot unicycle while juggling knives, torches and a chain saw. Entertaining and funny too so watch it when you can.

Also, there's a new page added to the team site that better explains the Lotto Magic membership levels, compensation plan and pay outs etc. I understand from the recent newsletter that the Mega membership levels are due out in June, so if you wanted to get involved in a Mega-Millions lottery pool you can.

A couple images from the team compensation page about the Team Captain and Power Captain positions:

Lotto Magic Team Captain Payout
Florida Lotto Magic Team Captain Membership

Lotto Magic Power Captain Payout
Florida Lotto Magic Power Captain Membership

I'd write more but I'm already past my limit on team related projects and gotta get back to it. Working on an informational site, basic Lottery Pool stuff with a link to well - you know where everything links backs to eventually so I'll leave that alone huh?

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