Update on Free Lotto Magic Advertising & Ads

Glad you that wrote liked the display ads. They have been sent to the publishers, some to be in print early May as mentioned in an earlier post. There also some that will run for a year (probably mentioned that too) and still others where the publication of the ads will be spaced out so there's some overlap but more importantly constant coverage.

You can view many more of the Team's Lotto Magic related ads at the team news and update site. A new page was recently added as a single location to place these and future advertisements. Remember these are "your" ads since they drive traffic to the team marketing site and from there directly to your Lotto Magic marketing web site through the URL rotator. Here are the newest Lotto Magic display ads - enjoy!

Florida Lotto Magic 1 inch display advertisement
1 inch Lotto Magic ad, reverse

Florida Lotto Magic 2 inch display advertisement
2 inch Lotto Magic ad, cut title

Florida Lotto Magic 2 inch display ad
2 inch Lotto Magic ad, curved

Lotto Magic 2 inch display - for offline marketing
2 inch Lotto Magic ad, waved

Lotto Magic Team 3 inch - newspaper type - offline advertising
3 inch Lotto Magic ad, reverse grab

Team Free Lotto marketing newspaper print version ad
3" Lotto Magic ad, double reverse

More soon, have a wonderful night wherever in the world you are,



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well very nice update man! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Your post is also amazing.

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