New Lotto Magic Video - Get Paid to Play the Lottery

The new Lotto Magic video is out! 

Thanks to Mike and staff of course, great job and very much appreciated by all! You can view it at the Lotto Magic main company site and also at the Lotto Magic free team site.

Oops, my finger just slipped. Wow, looks like I just uploaded it to the Blogger server too...

 >  Here's the join link mentioned in the video, also more details there too

If it's by chance running slow on the company, team or Blogger servers then of course good old YouTube is always cruising along with massive bandwidth so it's embedded just below too, because I can and because I just like uploading stuff :-) Not a link farm here, maybe a video farm though - Moo.

P.S. I did NOT embed the Google+ version, at this point of the post I surely didn't want your eyes to glaze over!

Hmmmm, something I never noticed before. The video source files for both video's above are 100% identical, however the one uploaded to YouTube turned out to be true HD just as it should be. The Blogger version is slightly degraded, unsure why but I'll check into it and post an update here later on.

Have a nice night, look for an upcoming post welcoming the newest member's on the team - yea then you'll need to join them. For now there's some posts about them on the Lotto Magic team Facebook page.


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