Business Card Marketing to Build Your Business? Yes, if you do it the right way.

In these days of instant communication and instant information we sometimes forget that generating interest and business can be as simple as a little ol' piece of paper. Yes I'm talking about the ubiquitous business card. In days gone by, the business card was handed out like candy on Halloween. There were even special card holders so you could file them away for later reference, binder albums with plastic inserts or if you were like most you might have simply thrown them in a drawer - to be sorted out later, uh huh.

Today they're still used although the current trend is to have them "scanned" into your computer by special software so you can access them electronically on your computer or smart phone in mere nano seconds. Type in a persons name or company name and there it is in all its digital glory. Delete, rearrange, search or sort, you decide.

Most recently we received a business card we especially liked. It had all the components of a mini web site which is what initially caught our attention. I'm sure you've seen the old school business cards with the standard "This is my Company, here's my name, this is my title, you can contact me this way". OK fine that works, it's boring, but it gives your contact information... Is that enough in these competitive times of ours, can you say even more, can you sell what you offer better and ultimately get a clearer message to your reader in the few seconds that you have, and can YOU stand out from the others? Yes you can if you think outside the box, use some imagination and think "sales" and not just "contact".

Here's the front of the card we received. Contact information check, information that makes us want to read more, learn more and do much more after we receive it... double check!

Lottery Goldmine
The back of the card lists additional benefits & makes clear where the reader needs to go for more info:

The Lottery Goldmine Store

So the moral of this marketing story is... if you're going to spend your time & money to have your business cards designed, created and printed, then give your reader a card they'll remember, a card that will sell for you and a card that will make YOU stand out from the "ho-hum, straight and narrow, inside the box" business card crowd!


mizmouse51 said...

WOW! Thanks for this. I've just made new business cards (they've not yet arrived) but this is giving me ideas for another batch! Also I need to figure out how to put a banner or info on our ebay store. Still learning ... every day.

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