Lotto Magic Global Sign-Ups, it just got easier!

This is an add-on post to the earlier one about the new Lotto Magic sign-up page. I was going to just plop it down along with that post but I feel this update is important enough to receive it's own slice of Blogger real estate!

You might already know Lotto Magic is an International company and has been in business since 1996. Unlike many other home businesses that only allow you to market to people here in the US, Lotto Magic has always been able to cross all International borders (except for maybe Cuba and North Korea) which of course opens up a huge marketing pool for you.

Well it just got even better...

Global team members will now be able to join fast and easy by using the new Lotto Magic i-Pay system which is very similar to PayPal. You can read about the announcement on the main Lotto Magic Newsletter page, or if you want to embed it you can pull the code from the team account there at DocStoc. Please don't ask me why it says language "Chinese" next to the description, I have no idea really, but it's in English.

-> Most recent "Global" team member? Michael McKerrell from beautiful Australia! Visit him today.

The best I can do for you here at the blog is a big screenshot. Now, if you back up from your monitor (or hold your smart phone out some), then squint your eyes and turn your head slightly to the left you can read it here. Wait, you didn't actually just do that did you? That's OK if you did though, I tried it a minute ago and it didn't work for me either! Anyways, you can click on it for a direct trip to the online PDF if you like.

I tried the DocStoc embed here at the blog on an earlier post with a different newsletter however I'm just not so sure I like all that scrolling plus the buttons, so on this post  it's pretty much - click, go and read. ~ ~  ~

If you want to give the free guide away at your blog or site you can grab the html linking code easy from the center of the free lottery e-book page. More on the League of Gamblers project soon, viral marketing information and other team marketing projects soon. More site and SEO tweaks plus some Virool marketing for the video are in the chute.


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