Lotto Magic New Mega Captains!

Hi all, today I have a couple of very important announcements!

Before I say anything else I'd like to send out a warm welcome to the team's 2 newest team Mega Captains Bernard Forde &  Darrell Anderson, you can visit their Lotto Magic sites below. The Lotto Magic Mega Captain pays $240 per month for their lotto pool membership then a Mega Captain participates in all four (4) available lotto ticket pools. The pools are for the Florida, Powerball, Mega Millions and the Mega Money lotteries. They also earn 50% ($120) per month on all other personally sponsored Mega Captains on their team, plus 50% ($60) on Power Captains and 50% ($25) on Team Captains.

So 2 personally sponsored Mega's in their team and they are "break-even" and in Lotto Magic for FREE which means they are playing in 4 lotteries in every drawing during the month and paying nothing for it - powerful stuff. Anything after 2 Mega's of course is pure monthly commission gravy for them. Gravy is always good and it keeps the economy rolling along.

Visit the team's 2 newest Lotto Magic Mega Captains:

So whether you're a Mega, Power or Team Captain... get out there and spread the word far and wide. People already know about the lottery, your job is to let them know that through Lotto Magic they'll never miss a lottery drawing, they'll share in team lottery ticket winnings and when they tell others about it they have the opportunity to earn a nice monthly income too.

Wow, huh. What the heck just happened there. I went from welcome to the team right into Lotto Magic commissions and the whole join Lotto Magic or your arms are going to fall off thing - apologies. This is a team marketing blog so back to team building & team marketing business!

An update on the company site: The main company website has an upgraded look with the new blue header (below) and addition of the Mega Captain information on the index page. If you're just visiting here then you take a look at it via our special team URL rotator or you can click the new company header below and go!

Check out the Lotto Magic Onine Header - New!
The new Lotto Magic Online index page header

Update on new traffic generating site All graphics complete, content 90%, currently adding code for light box video pops, URL previews and more. Do a search on "What is a Lotto Pool" to see how we're doing so far for you! Stay tuned for more...

Wishing you a great weekend!



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