Lotto Pool - Team Site Update

A minor (but good) change in plans. Because of the questions I've received in the past about the Lotto Magic back office, I decided to cover this in more detail so you'll have a better idea what's located there. I removed a page that talked about the free team stuff (web site, marketing, visitors etc.) that new members receive since it's already covered at the team site and elsewhere online.

I replaced that information with a section dedicated to back office screenshots and explanations about those areas. No, not ready yet. It's like a fine wine (or damned good beer), it takes time to get it right so for now here's at least a little peek behind he Lotto Magic curtain. Click the image to super-size it (that one typo is already fixed by the way).

Lotto Magic 101 Dot Net - Sneak peek.
All the best in your online business ventures, visit again soon for more Lotto Magic marketing news!



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