Would you like to guest post here free?

What if you could have your written word passed to hundreds of people each day for free! That's what you'll receive as a "guest poster" here at our blog and this is how it works...

 For the most part there are three main goals for guest blogging:

 1. Positioning yourself as an authority and well-known name in the industry and for branding yourself or your company/business.
 2. Getting exposure (traffic) back to your website, blog or your chosen social media site directly from this blog.
 3. Building free "do follow" back links to your website or blog.

Tell a story, crack a joke if you like, and just be yourself. I recommend you teach the readers something they can use, or use your experiences and results to enlighten them, plus entertain them along the way of course.

If your post sounds more like an ad or a sell then sure it'll still be read, but it'll also be less likely to be shared by the billions of people that have the ability to share it through their web site, blog or through social media. I'm not here to judge your post, I'm just trying to give you the upper hand in posting an effective blog post. 

So how can you brand yourself, get free traffic and free "do follow" back links? It's easy...

1. Write your post in notepad (.txt) or any similar text software and send it to us via email or copy and paste your blog post into an email and simply shoot it to us.
2. Feel free to include text links as related to your post subject and an attached image if you like.
3. At the end of your post include your name, a link to your main Lotto Magic marketing site or the link to the free Team Lotto Magic site that you received when you joined the team.
4. Lastly include the words "Guest Post" at the end and you're all set!

We will copy your blog post from the text document you sent us or copy it from your email then post it here - easy.

Your Lotto Magic Support Team

P.S. We also link to this blog from dozens of locations on the Internet "and" from the team Lotto Magic online newspaper.


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