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Where are your friends from high school or college, and what are they doing these days? Maybe the popular high school jock now works stocking shelves at Walmart for minimum wage and that geeky guy is now the CEO of a fortune 500 company (that's what really happens doesn't it)? And hey, what's the "real deal" on that guy or gal you're just starting to date, is he just an overweight married player and does she have a pack of children, a fake profile photo and is "not really" 112 lbs. soaking wet?

People Ferret - Free People Search Resource Links

It's natural... we all wonder about the people of our past, and admit it, sometimes we're even a little weirdly curious about the people in our lives here in the present. With the popularity of social media do YOU really know who it is you're interacting with, tweeting or friending online? Probably not.

That's where I come in, I've been collecting free people resource links for years and compiled all the best people search, finder and locator sites on my web site People Ferret. And here's my shameful plug - it isn't one of those sites where you pay to get background information on other people or where you pay to do people searches. It's more of a descriptive categorized link directory with listings of other useful people search related sites, did I mention everything there is free?

Besides the standard people search resources which the site is most well known for, I added an in depth government records and research area. Many of these government sites whether federal or state are available to everyone, again it's a matter of knowing where they are and that's where I come in. Most people do not realize that places such as their local county tax collector has all kinds of information on them that's freely available to the general public, no cost, no sign-up, it's almost scary.

As far as free access to public records... If your neighbor wanted, they could see what you paid for your house, who you bought it from, see the square footage and room divisions, a photo of it, the square feet of your property, its legal boundaries, what improvements you made to your property, what your tax bill is, when they are due and even if you've paid them or are past due!

It's exciting to me when I locate a little nugget of information that most people do not know even exists. To me it's almost like a treasure hunt where I choose an area to research and find something unexpected. Recently I've been to sites where people are trying to locate other people and I find it challenging to see what information I can dig up, then I'll post it in the People Ferret results area or as a special report if it's too big to email.

I hope you found my guest post helpful and entertaining!

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