Paid for advertising for your long term online business success.

Advertisers... they're the ones that get your web site or blog seen, noticed and they're the ones that drive traffic - your way.

In some cases (depending on the Webmaster) you can trade links, products or services for your advertising, however for the long term and for uninterrupted (hands off) targeted visitors you'll need to fork over some green and actually pay for your advertising.
Over the years (since 2005) here on the Lotto Magic Team we've worked with many great advertisers, some inexpensive, some not so inexpensive but all gave us the results we wanted for the money we paid. We've used bloggers to write articles about our team, have paid for text ads and have used banners in different sizes and on various platforms whether rotating ad sites, static index pages, ad bidding or network ads. You can see where our current teams ads are running at the team marketing site.

It's going on nine (9) years since we joined Lotto Magic and began advertising. We'd like to thank those companies, web sites and blogs that have worked closely with us as our advertising partners over all these years who have gotten the word out for us and have helped us grow and prosper as one of the longest and most successful Lotto Magic teams around. In appreciation we've posted links to them along with some descriptions of what products or services they provide at their web sites.

People Ferret - Free people search, people finder and people locator. Find out who called through our reverse cell and land line phone reverse search, research federal and state public records free, or locate a lost military buddy. Includes a large government resource section, map area & death database.

Affiliate Company List - Two senior citizens David and Margie, show you how to earn from your web site. Learn (free) how you can earn a consistent, passive and hands off online income. Included are links to free hosting companies, free affiliate programs and free traffic generation.

Free Teez - Get a free t-shirt in many designs, styles and logos.  Fully customizable, 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts. Add your company logo, favorite photo or choose one of our unique designs. Their free shirts are available in soft cotton white or you can upgrade to ash gray if you like.

Coffee Fair - A large listing of online coffee companies that give away free coffee samples, plus there's free coffee recipes, coffee facts, humor, and video. Grab your FREE Starbucks coffee recipe e-book while there, it's 53 detailed pages of coffee recipes for the coffee you've come to know & love.

Free Million Dollar Bills - Their free million dollar bills look just like real money. These are some of the most authentic million dollar bills ever printed and include unique seals, original looking emblems, numbers, realistic money colors and many more authentic looking "money" markings. Even the size is the exact size of real U.S. money!

We appreciate the help from our advertisers, and we thank you for the many years we've worked together online, and we look forward to working closely with you for many more years to come!


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