Are you advertising your business? Well you should be.

This post is dedicated to four Lotto Magic Team Leaders: 
Joseph Prokopchak 
Rosie Armstrong 
Dale Stokes 
Joseph Gerace

You might already know that customers, clients and others will NOT automatically find you just because you have a great product or service.

Sure, you can use social media, it's free and it does work given some effort, skill and time. The bottom line is that it takes both work "and" time on your part to get the word out there to the masses via free social media marketing methods.
Is there another way? Yep, advertising...

If you have a home business it takes more then just telling others to join you, sometimes it takes an investment of money (yep, pull out some green) through good old fashioned advertising. Whether your advertising is broadly dispersed to the winds or it's targeted to a specific niche market, the fact that you're investing in advertising is one of the first steps to building your business (whatever it is) bigger.

When you combine your paid for advertising with social media, viral marketing video's and any other types of offline or online marketing it's only then that you cover all bases. With that you get the most visibility where it really matters... in front of the eyes of potential and future customers, clients and more.

What brought on this particular blog subject and post? A traffic and visitor check on the free mini marketing sites we give each and every member on our team. It started out as a simple review of site traffic, yet what it turned up was four (4) team members "investing" their money into their personal Lotto Magic home business through online advertising.

Here's a screenshot of the stats counter data that got us thinking about this post (click to super size):

That's a total of 2578 page views (2392 unique) visitors to the free team marketing for a 7 day period starting on Thurs. Oct. 24 through Thurs. Oct 31st, or an average of 368 page views per day. Not all of it was generated by four "top" marketing team members, however a portion of it was.

So who are the "big dogs" willing to invest in their home business, their team and their future?

I recommend you visit them, ask questions if you have any, then join them on the team!


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