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I have always been interested in the Lottery, especially the Powerball which I've played for years. When I found the Lotto Magic team it didn't take me too long to realize they're about team building.

What caught my eye and what I personally like the best of everything is the fact that they are about building deep in the team for the benefit of the team, me included. I discovered that before I ever joined, clicked on a join link and knew that I had to join a team member that joined the team earlier, so I knew others would have to join me too, I liked that part the best.

I don't mind marketing at all and I do, but a little extra help from my up line team (rare these days) is a welcome thing for me "and" for those that have already joined me on my team. They are also in the free team URL rotator so they receive free visitors and sign-ups. Another thing I like about this system and team is that I know they are advertising for the team which is completely free to us, and I can go the team site and see exactly what they're doing for us so I like that they don't just say they're advertising and marketing for the benefit of the entire team, I can see it happening with my own eyes!

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