Lotto Magic Free Team Advertising - Is YOUR Upline Really Helping You?

We've been team building since 2005 which is a very long time to be focused on one MLM company especially these days where we've seen network marketing companies launch as fast as others have closed their doors. At the same time we've seen other Lotto Magic teams come and go over the years, many because the upline was focused solely on building "wide" on their first level. Along the way they forgot that "building deep" below others on the team is one of the most important (and proven) strategies for the long term success of the team as a whole.

Yea, you won't earn as much when members join below the first level but then you have to decide... do I want to earn $120 for that member (Mega Captain) for a couple months? Or would I prefer to earn $8 from that member for many years. And that is the long term formula for success, help those on your team grow their team so they earn an income, period.

At the same time and in order to be a complete success with any type of team building it takes thousands of dollars in advertising and focused marketing to get noticed in the vast ocean called the Internet. That's what we've been doing for the team since 2005... rolling team commissions back into team advertising, we just couldn't afford spending all this money for the team otherwise, not so sure anyone could for any length of time.

So, we don't just say we're advertising, we show you where we're advertising Lotto Magic whether as banners on actual web sites and blogs, or through social networks such as Facebook. And we show you what our marketing and SEO efforts have resulted in. Blind faith is fine, however we don't believe you should be put in that position, it's our responsibility to prove to you that we are advertising for you just as we say we are.

Regardless of the program you're in and it doesn't matter whether it's an affiliate program, network marketing or MLM program... if your upline says "join me, we advertise for you free" then it's in your best interest to ask them... "Where is it exactly that you advertise?". If they cannot show you, then they aren't.

For our team you do not need to ask, just click, go and see for yourself. Click the screenshot above for more on what we do for you and your team - free.


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