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You might already know we've been doing some content testing at Facebook to get a better feel for the free marketing available there.

Recently we posted a personality test on our team Facebook page to see what would happen as far as likes, visitors and engagement compared to other "generic" team information posts. What we learned is that all those people out there saying you should make Facebook fun, entertaining and engaging - well yep, they're absolutely right.

When you have a Facebook business (not personal) account you have the ability to view how many people saw your post (circled in red below) which is great if you're logged in and scanning your timeline to get a quick feel for what's happening on your page.

So what did we do to get it rolling and what was the final outcome?

We initially searched online for a fun personality test, and also searched for related images. We then posted the personality test to our Facebook page (along with a link to the originating source, good business you know), Google+ it, tweeted it and put in our team online newspaper. It's been exactly 30 days later and here are the final statistics...

~  8024 people saw the post on Facebook.
~  23 people "liked" it which is good for future free visitors.
~  4 people shared it with their friends on their Facebook page.
~  4 total comments not counting our 6 responses.

The tough part of course is knowing in detail how many people viewed the personality test and Facebook page as a result of likes and comments, how many saw it as a result of Google+ visitors and shares, via a tweet or saw a link in the team newspaper. Because Facebook doesn't provide a stats page with detailed information about inbound traffic, we only know that at the 30 day mark... 8024 total people saw the post at an average of 267 people a day.

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So, our experiment proved to us that including interactive content on your Facebook page increases your overall traffic to build your home business, brand yourself or fine... boost your ego a little.

Since our team Facebook page is about team happenings, new members & free marketing it would be tough for us to focus strictly on polls, tests and fun stuff. But we did learn that including it on occasion makes for a more interesting page that's more likely to be liked, commented on and eventually spread to the masses.

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