What are the benefits of those Facebook likes?

We've all heard people say "like" my Facebook page. Go ahead and raise your hand if you're one of them and if you are it's perfectly OK (we are too). There are also companies that market and sell "likes" and Facebook itself will help you get more "likes" if you want them. It's not entirely a popularity contest though some view the "likes" on their page as a badge of approval or acceptance. It's actually much deeper then that and it has to do with increasing your brand awareness while increasing visitors to your Facebook page at the same time.

See what Facebook has to say about the value of a liker, then come back here for the rest of the story.
Ahem, so take a little break from this most intense post, click the like image above, go to our page and you know... "like" us. :-)

So likes are valuable and go far beyond a number you can be proud of on your page. Those "likers" are the ones that will spread your brand far and wide, sure, yea even while you're sleeping. Besides learning about the value of those people that are liking your page, Facebook also has a like help page so you have a better understanding of what exactly likes are, how to use them, and how they benefit you or your company.

Are we using this information for the benefit of the team, you betcha. Most recently we began our team "like" campaign there at Facebook, it's brand new and we're just testing the waters however we'll provide an update on this post once the ad runs its course and we have some juicy data for you.

For starters our current likes as of this post is 947, built up over a period of 5 months from when the team Facebook page was upgraded from personal to business (and had to be rebuilt from scratch). As a test ad the financial investment is very small (under $100) and the total ad run time is a mere 10 days, however if the "likes" prove beneficial to the team then it's just a matter of renewing the ad or creating a new ad (less then 3 minutes). OK, so here's the team ad we're running at Facebook now to include the targeted audience that we want to "like" us...

Lotto Magic team Facebook advertising and marketing - likes!
Click to visit the Lotto Magic team Facebook page
And here's where the stats will be placed after the ad has run for those 10 days: [DATA TO BE PLACED HERE LATER]

So now you know what to do and why you want to do it, and you also know what we're doing for the team. How about what you should or should not do?

Sure, yea, do this, simple and to the point

But avoid making a page like this

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