Lotto Magic Dedicated Team Video Site

You already know that the three dozen or so (more to follow) team video's are already hosted on YouTube, Meta Cafe and Daily Motion. Well I'm not sure "too much" marketing can be bad, so I had a Lotto Magic video site designed as a stand-alone web site. Probably not needed considering all the other video hosting we have going on for the team. However for branding and traffic generation purposes a little extra branding gravy on top of you extra marketing cheese won't hurt anything.

Here are a couple screenshots. Click on the images to see the animated "video wall" in action!

These is the Team Lotto Magic online video collection
This is the top part of the video's page

And this is the lower area of the site where the video wall is located
I'm off to do some SEO work on "Lotto Magic 101 Dot Net".

See ya later!   Bob


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