Rebrandable team marketing PDF's

We're working on 100% free "rebrandable" team marketing PDF's for YOUR use online on your web site, blog, Facebook, twitter etc.

The software works perfectly fine on the server. You'll just need to enter your Lotto Magic ID and some other information then click rebrand, and it'll generate a custom PDF on the fly within seconds. The various PDF's are in the works to include Flyers, postcards, circular, brochures, display ads and more.

The first "test" PDF can be viewed in full page mode at the main team core site (recommended) or you can stay here and view the DocStoc embed below. This test page includes links to some of the team traffic generating sites, however the final versions (yours) will only contain your Lotto Magic and main web site, blog, social media (your choice) links.

More on this soon, look for an update via email when it's ready for you - more soon!

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