These are the larger EPX Body Images we're using for the team!

Besides the EPX Body team images posted earlier, here are some of the larger images we use for the team in getting the word out about EPX Body...

The EPX Body mission as a company is to impact the team members' health and wealth positively by providing them with the best nutritional products, diet and exercise information, as well as all the tools and training needed to build a successful home business. This allows the EPX Body members to improve their own lives as well as the people they know, love, and care about.

EPX is short for Epigenetics. Science has shown that with proper nutrition, diet, and exercise, you can improve your genetics and the genetics of generations to follow. Not only is EPX Body confident that their products can change your health, but they also know there is an urgent need for people to improve their financial health as well.

See what we do (free) for you and your team at Google, Twitter and Youtube:


We look forward to welcoming you to the best EPX Body team around.

Scott Ohnmeis
Team Leader
EPX Body Team


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