An EPX Body Team Update on YouTube, Daily Motion, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+

It's been a crazy 22 days since our EPX Body team launch, here's a quick run-down and update on what we've been up to for you and your team... although if you're on our team expect an email soon with details, actual team statistics, inside EPX Body team marketing information, and more,

1. The EPX Body team site: Upgraded to include integrated video's, new contact, testimonial and add my URL forms, was SEO evaluated and changes made to some of the keywords and alt tags, then a live tweet and Pinterest page was added.

2. Advertising has been turned on with approx. 50% of our advertisers, we also set up long term (1 year) advertising campaigns with Bing and Yahoo for the main search term "EPX Body" and roughly 50 other keywords related to EPX Body. You can check it out at the bottom of the "What we do for you" page, or just go to Bing or Yahoo and type in really anything related to EPX Body and you'll see our (your) team ad. The FREE team URL rotators have worked flawlessly since installed on the server, one sends visitors to your EPX Body company site, and the other sends them to your EPX One80 business suite site. Oh my, it appears we're building your team even from this EPX Body team update post. OK, here's a visual on how the free team URL rotator works.

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3. Social Media Marketing: We're now running independent Google+ and Twitter pages for EPX Body, and it's sharing space on the Lotto Magic Facebook page, team online newspaper, and at Pinterest, links for these are at the very bottom of the EPX Body Home Page. Not sure we want to kick off an EPX Body Facebook page just yet... plenty to do elsewhere for the team right now!

4. EPX Video Marketing: Launched the EPX YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo channels. All the video's uploaded to Daily Motion were pre-edited to include an opening and closing, an entire day process to splice everything together, upload, add keywords and descriptions but it was worth and turned out well. Now search engines... come and get em'. Still to come are a few more video sites to upload the team video's to, and if they have bulk upload BAM we're there!

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5. EPX Add-on Video Marketing: A small paragraph about EPX Body has been added to all 49 video's at the Lotto Magic YouTube channel. You can see what they look like by clicking on the "Show More" button under any Lotto Magic video. The paragraph includes a link to the team site, but more importantly for YOU it includes the two main team URL rotators so visitors are sent directly to your EPX Body sites, coolness in technology and good for you and your team too. One EPX Body video was actually added to the Lotto Magic channel because we felt it was "inspirational" whether for Lotto Magic, EPX Body, any home business or for life in general, we hope you enjoy it.

OK, that's all I can say here with the general public reading this and all. As mentioned earlier look for a team update email for the inside scoop and all the hush-hush secret team stuff.  :-)

For our good visitors here today it's time you joined the top EPX Body team and feel what true "teamwork" and success feels like.

Take care all, more soon!


lois said...

Wonderful, I am happy to be a part of this

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