Building your home business by building your own marketing web site

There are many ways to build your home business. Above everything you must get the attention of the masses out there flittering from link to link and site to site surfing the net. You could advertise, use social media or many of the offline methods, however each is going to cost you time and money and very likely a "hands on" type of involvement. You already know about SEO, search engines and especially the power of the Big Boy... Google. So what's one of the ways to tap into the 
power of Google's search engine and be seen... free?

Receive your custom Florida Lotto Magic team marketing site when you join us!
By building your own web site, filling it with content related to your particular business, then studying SEO strategies (white hat) that will allow your site to "rise above" your competitors. If you're involved in any kind of MLM or network marketing program then it's possible the company" has given you a replicated web site to market your program with. The problem is if it's exactly like every other marketing site the other Distributors received then it'll be difficult as far as search engine results go since you'll be competing with them all.

Get your free Florida Lotto Magic marketing website when you join us!
Your solution then... is to build your own website with content related to the company you joined. It doesn't have to be flashy, you don't have to purchase an expensive web template and you don't have to hire people. You do need to jump in there, learn about building your site (or blog) and make it interesting, funny, or educational enough for other people to want to share it via a text link, social media (important) or through email.

Someone that recently built their own Lotto Magic related web site was new team member Jason Williams, a great job and YOU should be doing something very similar to this if you want to stand out from the crowd and receive your share of free visitors via the search engine.

 Jason Williams and the Florida Lotto Magic Team = Success! 

Contact Jason:
Jason Williams
Skype: itsagrandslam

Oh yea, one more thing. When you join Jason you'll also receive for 100% FREE a fully functional custom Lotto Magic Team marketing site. This is "in addition" to the free marketing site the company provides to you when you join Lotto Magic.

Receive a custom team marketing site when you join the Lotto magic Team!

If you've also built a website or blog related to Lotto Magic shoot us a link, sure just do it. Not only will we highlight you and your site here, but we'll also publish your site in the team's weekly online newspaper automatically each week (published every Saturday Morning).

Have a great day there!

Yours in business,



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