Social Media, Getting Others to "Share" Your Links Fast and Pratically Free

Traffic and visitors are the lifeblood of your web site, bog or affiliate program you already know that. What's just as important is social media interaction.

You might think simply tweeting your link on Twitter, posting information to your Facebook, or pinning images at Pinterest related to your site or blog content would do it. You know, people will happen upon your information and automatically share it with others because... it's just so amazing. The truth is most tweets are not retweeted, Facebook posts are not shared, and images aren't always repinned on Pinterst.

So what do you do? Tweet more, post more or pin more, no not really. There's an easier way and we use it for the benefit of the member's of our Lotto Magic team. They receive the benefit of free social media traffic and visitors and we pay practically nothing for it. Before I tell you how you can receive many "real" retweets, posts and repins from real people on real social media sites to real people...

I have to ask if one (1) retweet, post or repin is worth 1/2 a penny to YOU, yep I'm talking half a cent here. If your answer is yes then I recommend you do what we already do, especially if you're already social media marketing via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Google+, YouTube, MySpace, SoundCloud, Reverberation and more.

Grab your share of social media traffic FREE in the next few minutes:

1. Go to the Independent Business Owner Exchange & sign up for 100% free.
2. Earn retweets, posts, repins by interacting and exchanging with others.
3. Receive bonus's for following, liking, posting, watching video's and more.
4. Publish you tweets, posts, repins, video's and much more.
5. Finally, you can thank me later by naming your first born son after me, Bob. :-)

Once you're on the road to social media success, be sure to visit the IBO Toolbox for even more free (and innovative) social media traffic generating methods. It's also a 100% free to join social media platform, so grab it soon.

Wishing you the best in your life and in your home business too!



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