Lotto Magic Team... Going on 9 years of team building!

As 2013 closes and 2014 starts our team will have been team building in Lotto Magic for 9 years, yep that's a long time!

Even though Lotto Magic started in 1996, we joined the company in 2005 and have been building a team ever since. How many MLM companies do you know of that have been around for 18 years and how many up line teams (in any MLM or home business program) do you know that have stayed with "any" home business, MLM or company for over 9 years?

Want to learn more? Then visit a team member's web site today and get the inside scoop.
We attribute the team's success to our team URL rotator where absolutely everyone on the team shares in the targeted visitors and new team members that join. I'm sure you've joined MLM's before, maybe through a three-way call only to find out that after joining your upline is nowhere to be found, it happens... it just doesn't happen on this team, we're here for you long after you join... for many years after you join and we're not going anywhere.

Where do we get the traffic from?

Free from the various search engines, from paid for advertising, and from traffic shared amongst our many team related web sites and team social media sites. Most recently we hired an SEO team to get us listed many (many) times on Google image search, go there and type in "Lotto Magic" - Bam!

When visitors want more information about Lotto Magic they really have no choice but to visit YOUR personal Lotto magic marketing web site for the information, and when they join... they must join through you, it's really been that simple since 2005!

We wish you a happy new year and a truly wonderful 2014.

Whitney Jacqueline and the Lotto Magic Team

Team building successfully for those on our team for almost a decade!


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