Getting scammed with online advertising by...

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 Getting scammed... 

It hasn't happened to us for many years, but it's recently happened to us and we've unfortunately had to spend many (many) valuable hours of hours trying to get this company to do the right thing which is to give us a refund. We will NEVER get those hours back and have lost money through all the time we've investing writing to their help desk, the owner of the company, taking screen shots at PayPal and much more.

Even though we've spent $2185.00 with this company to date, they are having a very (very) tough time parting with the mere $75 they owe us. It's simple... we paid $25 for advertising credits, then we paid another $50 for advertising credits ($75 total). Shortly thereafter the credits disappeared from our account along with all the ads (22 total) that we created and uploaded there. The ads we created aren't the issue, we saved them all to the hard drive.

For over two months now we've written... and we've received nothing of value from their help desk. Dad who started this company (Jasco) told he's never experienced an issue such as this (and for such a small amount) in his 29 years online!

Anyways if the company comes through, then I'll amend this post to cover some of the things you should watch out for online to avoid scams and to keep you safe. For now please check out one of our newer Jasco Network sites. It's in the beginning stages, however we've collected all the "consumer protection" related video's and information, we'll just need to format it then add the menu and other goodies. Soon it'll be a fully operational web site and we hope it helps you and the masses: Scam Resources

Have a nice day there and tune in later for more!

Whitney Jacqueline
Lotto Magic Team Leader

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