Marketing Your Home Business on the Cheap.

Getting the word out to others about your home business (whatever it might be) is an important primary component of your overall marketing plan. If people don't know about your home business then obviously they can never visit your site, join you or buy from you - yep, what good is that?

There's always paid for advertising and marketing whether through an ad broker, advertising agency, banner exchange etc. however unless you pockets are deep this isn't the best of plans for the average mom and pop operation with their HQ located at their kitchen table.

You already know about marketing via social media sites, however there are also other free marketing methods, systems and platforms out there and though I could bog you down with many of them I decided to choose my favorite. It's called Independent Business Owner and it's free.
It also provides many benefits to your home business such as: press releases, video upload and especially free advertising as a result of earning free credits for being involved there. You can check out the complete list of benefits at the team core site or click the image below to visit the main IBO web site.
Whichever the case, be sure to join (free) today, then get involved and get your home business out there in front of thousands of people daily. Remember if they don't know you exist then they can't visit and join you so it's time to kick you home business marketing into high gear!

Enjoy & have fun at IBO, wishing you the best with your home business.


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