What is Affiliate Marketing, and How to Get Started with Affiliate Programs.

The short description for an Affiliate Marketer is... the middleman. Walmart is the middleman between the manufacturer/supplier and you. Your realtor is the middleman between the buyer and seller. The Girl scout with the cookies, she's the middlegirl between the cookie supplier and you the customer. And along the way the middleman gets something... Walmart makes a profit, the Realtor earns a commission and the girlscout, well I'm sure there's a cool looking Girl scout badge in there somewhere for her.

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OK, back at it...

The point I'm making is that being an Affiliate Marketer is no different, it's really about being the middleman, nothing more. Your job is to get the word out to the public about a product or service, then you earn a commission for it.

Unlike direct customer sales which are for the most part "active" selling, an Affiliate only needs to place a link or banner on his or her blog or website, then walk away. Passive selling takes place when a visitor visits the blog or site, clicks on a link or banner then makes a purchase. All this while you're cutting the grass, watching TV, or reading this post!

There's much more to being an affiliate marketer, but we sure can't cover it all here. You can read more (no registration or email address is required) about Affiliate Programs and learn step by step what you need to do in order to properly monetize your blog or web site.

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