Home business caution, don't get burned.

There are many online businesses (I use the term loosely) out there that aren't designed for the long term, they're designed to "move money around" for a short period of time and make money for the creator and a few of his or her associates.

If the program claims to be amazing, says it'll provide you with fast & easy cash or you see PayPal earnings (money program creator screenshot) then the red light should be flashing in your head, it's now time to run the other way, don't walk.

Fast cash isn't about the product or you, it's just about moving money around.
Are they using the ol' PayPal "greed" screenshot. Yea, run like the wind.
There isn't all that much that's amazing these days except for maybe the colonization of Mars or travel outside the solar system. Fast cash (overnight and while you sleep) is really only possible for the person that created "the new amazing system", got their closest associates to join who then emailed it to all the leads they collected from the previous money moving programs. By the time you see it online, it's saturated and it's those at the end of the food chain that are picking up a few profit scraps here and there. The creator makes the most, followed by the friends of the creator, and the rest are left holding the empty "home business" bag.
Thinking about starting your home business? Then research the cow.
When these online "fast cash" programs fizzle out (and they all do) you can better believe there will be another amazing money program waiting in the shadows, which by the way was already designed before the first one fizzled - that's how the fast cash money moving machines work... launch, hype, move money, fizzle, new company launch and so it goes, new name, new web site, same plan.

Government intervention, nope, not possible. They go after the BIG fish making millions who are fleecing the hundreds of thousands. There just aren't enough government resources to go after all those online cash moving programs that cruise along under big brothers radar.

How do I know about these programs? Geeeez, if I could only count the number of programs that promised everyone the moon then delivered a melted moon pie, just before they closed shop. I fell for the hype so don't do the same. If they haven't been in business for 2-3 years minimum, then they're not tested for the long term (isn't that what you want, a long term home business?) and they'll very likely be gone tomorrow, maybe next week but definitely gone only to be replaced by something that's you know... even more amazing.

Same your time and money, research the company, do a whois.com domain check to see how long they've been around (last month you say?). If it's a real company with a valid product then they'll still be around this time a couple years from now, no need to rush. If you're in a real big hurry to get rid of your hard earned cash, best to just flush it down the toilet it's the same result, only much faster.

No, you don't have to get in first or join at the top these days, you just have to associate yourself with and invest your time & money into a business that's going to grow with you and not one that's destined to "pop, fizzle then dissolve" within a few months and right before your eyes.

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