Update: Lotto Magic 101 "Lotto Pool" related site.

For those that have asked about the new Lotto Magic 101 site being created for the team which is designed to "capture" (if you will) people involved in or interested in "lotto pools", here's an update on what's happening. You might already know I'm a graphics designer by profession and a Lotto Magic team member by choice (I know, I know I'm already using that at the new site). I've been experimenting with the graphics for the site and also screenshots of the Lotto Magic back office. Here are some samples of my work with explanations.

 The first image is just a self portrait, nothing too special, just a very "attractive" (in his own mind of course) dude and his tools.

Lotto Magic Bob

Here's where I get to have some fun! You know how you've see testimonials at many of the sites out there?

Yea, well we won't have any of that on the Lotto Magic 101 site. I will have an area of the site called "Team Member's" where fictitious graphical team member's do NOT talk about how they L-O-V-E the company, earn a good income, receive free tickets, win lotteries blah, blah, blah but instead talk about WHY they joined Lotto Magic... their previous company closed their doors and disappeared, didn't make money at other MLM, wanted a new home business, too many drop-outs in their team, company was a pyramid, it was a scam, they like playing the lottery free or whatever.

The images of members are not real but I can tell you the reasons that they joined are real, I've heard from them so this area will be true to form. The member's created I hope are funny, but the reasons for joining are serious.OK enough jibber-jabber here are 3 samples of the 8 member's I've created to date.

The Doctor Lotto Magic Member

The Engineer Lotto Magic Member

The Housewife Lotto Magic Member
All images copyright Bob Adauchi
For professional graphics work visit: Graphic Bob

This team site will be informative yet fun but you'll have to wait until the site is live to see what these member's have to say about their past experiences with a home business and why they joined us eh?

OK, new subject. I made screen shots of everything in the Lotto Magic back office. I'll try and do another update on this part of the site once I assemble the content. For now all I have is the screen shots and an idea of what I want to cover for the visitors.

Here's some shots of the back office then I gotta get for tonight! Bob

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