Are YOU (your brain) Smart Enough to Decode This Sentence Easily? Some Funny Entertainment!

OK, I mentioned in an earlier post that I saw this on the team twitter page, so here you go....

Start to read the below words from the top to bottom and what you should notice (if you're smart) is that your brain will automatically decode the mixed letters and numbers "automatically" so by the time you near the end of the sentence reading it should be very easy. Here's proof of the true power of your brain "and" the ability for it to remember the automatic decoding process... reading it for a second (or third) time and you might notice that it fells very well - natural.

Oh yea, if you cannot read it and have a very confused look on your face and are struggling with it, errrrr, that's OK, don't be tough on yourself just go hang out at Facebook for the rest of the day... Yea, that would be the really SMART thing to do at that point. :-)  Bob-a-roonie


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