New Team Free Lotto Magic Logo Design

Hey all. I just received the 3rd version of the new Team Free Lotto Magic Logo back from the designer. First 2 versions didn't match the site color scheme as close as wanted but it's finally finished and is on the free team member marketing sites now.

New Lotto Magic logo is back from the designers and the color match is now right on!
The New Team Free Lotto Magic Logo!

I received word that the Big Apple Team is loading the Lotto Magic Newsletters onto Docstoc for additional team exposure, not sure yet if for the last couple of years only or how far back they actually go back but could be interesting to see how it turns out, will know more soon.

Help... If anyone has an electronic version of the new Lotto Magic color postcard, please shoot it my way or post information or a link here about its location. I have a scanned version that I can use temporarily if I have too (for a mini-team marketing project) but I prefer a clean image or even a clear PDF version would work better then what I have right now - mucho appreciated!



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