Lotto Magic Marketing and DailyMotion Video's

More video's on more video posting sites = more people watching, more people visiting and more people joining the team. Daily Motion is up to date except for a couple of brand new Lotto magic video's. I'll be using the below DailyMotion video wall widget on a Lotto Magic specific "video" site to be announced! For now, click view and enjoy!

You can also use a direct link to review Lotto Magic video's from the main channel page there at DailyMotion. I'll be tweaking some of the titles, descriptions and keywords to maintain a good capture on people searching for more information about Lotto Magic.

Oh yea, on the "mini" video screen shots below just "hover" your mouse pointer over a video screenshot and it'll play in mini-pop mode. Cool, just hope you have your glasses on is all, ha ha.

Note: Hover over the screen shots for "mini-pop" mode.

Have fun!

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Adauchi said...

I also used the same animated video wall code for the new stand-alone team video site located here:

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