The EPX Body Team Official Launches Don't YOU Miss Out!

March 9, 2015

Today is our much awaited EPX Body team launch! If you are familiar with what we've built with Lotto Magic  (9 of the 10 first page listings are ours) over the last 10 years then that'll give you an idea of what we're about to do with EPX Body for the next 10 years!

We go big or we go home, and we never go home!

We've already learned that people want to join a team that has a long term plan, an already proven (and free) team building system in place for the team members, and who will work and advertise or market for them for free to help build the team. We have always believed that building a team "under you" is good for you and good for us at the same time... it has worked well in Lotto Magic and it's already working well with the brand new EPX Body team we're building now. We have a long term marketing plan in place that will ensure YOU get a piece of the targeted visitors out there looking to start a home business or who want to make money online.

This announcement post isn't about the stable company, the health products that EPX Body offers or the marketing support they provide to the new marketer or the seasoned professional. You can see all that at the main EPX Body Company website, it's really about letting you know that if you're ever wanted to get in early with a team that knows how to power-market, then right now is your chance!

Although the company provides many ways to market EPX Body whether offline or online via free marketing and lead capture pages and more, our team will be focusing on marketing the new marketing portal called EPX One80 which is very inexpensive at $24.95 (Bam, you're qualified for the month) and which has everything needed in the team member back office to be a complete success with everything that EPX Body has to offer. Training, an auto-responder system, banners, many stand alone marketing sites and lead capture pages, matrix review, downline reports, commission reports and much more.

Visit our EPX Body team site, learn about our free team URL rotator, free team advertising and marketing, and our plans for the team (you) long into the future. If you like, poke around, hey... do some research on me if you like, ask questions if you want but don't delay... our marketing and advertising machine will be turned on in stages over the coming weeks and right now is the time for you to secure your position on our team. It's a 4x5 forced matrix... and we just launched (hint)!

Lastly, something we found amazing before we joined is their 100% money back guarantee. How many companies actually do that! Join, try it out for 6 months and if you are NOT making $1000 a month at the end of your 6 months, you get a refund - that's risk free for you now, and a very powerful marketing method for you in the future as a member on our team.

What is EPX Body and Why Join This Team?
Earlier in this post we mentioned our long term marketing plan for the team which has already been turned on (you're reading this aren't you?). It includes social media, paid for advertising, banner ads, link trades and more. Here's a visual for you (you can click on it to enlarge for easier viewing). Use your browsers back arrow to return back here.

We'll have more updates and news on our EPX Body team build here, and on our team sites, online newspaper and other social media sites. If you're tired of joining an upline that isn't concerned about YOUR team growth, then it's time you stop messing around joining people that think posting their EPX review video on YouTube is marketing, nope... it's really just an EPX Body review video on YouTube, that's all, one of many - So how does that help YOU if you were to join them?  Exactly...

See what we do for YOU for 100% free at our EPX Body team marketing site, or make your move now and join our power team of marketers...

EPX Body One80 - Join a Powerful EPX Body Team Here! 
After you join the team, send us your EPX One80 user name and we'll get you into the team URL rotator so YOU can tap into our team's free targeted traffic too!

We'll see you at the top. No really, we'll see you there. There were people here before you and there will be thousands here after you. At a measly $24.95 a month where the company has a 100% refund policy if you're not earning $1000 in 6 months then you have to ask yourself... What would my Investment adviser tell me to do?

We look forward to welcoming you to the team and getting you started finally earning with an experienced and powerful team that will have your back.

Bob, Whitney, Scott & Jackie

An EPX Body Team Update:

EPX Body Team Update: March 12th, 2015.

We got off to a great start, but we have many months and years to build the team bigger and better.. Our SEO marketing guy is making all the right moves for us. Five days ago we didn't even exist as far as Google was concerned. I heard from him that he's working us up in the search results pages a little at a time so good job and thank you!

Thanks to these team member's that helped with the launch either through posts at their sites, free advertising for the team, graphics work, mails lists and more.

Other EPX Team News: Some of the free EPX Ads were turned on earlier then expected so that will be an additional team site visitor boost. More advertising and marketing news to follow later as the other team advertising becomes activated over the next couple of months.

Have a nice nice night there!


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