Google+ for your Home Business - Yea YOU need it.

Have you joined Google+ yet? Then you're missing out on one of the fastest growing social networking sites!

There's Facebook for branding and Twitter for short blasts of information to your followers (and anyone else that happens along), but what about building long term relationships and the sharing of related content and information with overlapping and endless circles of people?

For that level of viralness we highly recommend Google+.

Think about who is running many of the Internets powerful and popular platforms, Google. Plus besides the major improvements and increased functionality of Blogspot (Blogger) they've also been working hard upgrading and improving Google+ to be easier to use, simple to add content and probably just as important it's a snap to share with others who then share, and they share. You get the picture.

Check them out, create your page, add other people to your circles (ahem, such as us), they'll add you to theirs and before you know it you won't just be posting information to a handful of people... you'll be posting to the world!


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